Slide Notes

Typically I do not share slides because presentations visuals are not documents. However, here you’ll find links and resources from my most recent presentations.

AI Session at SAS 2023

Bard and NotebookLM (Google)
ChatGPT (OpenAI)
Claude (Anthropic)

Boomy AI – Music
Pika – Text to Animation/Video

Teach AI Toolkit

Attention is All You Need – (Google Transformers Paper)

AI model GPT-3 (dis)informs us better than humans. Sci. Adv. 9, eadh 1850(2023).

Building High-level Features Using Large Scale Unsupervised Learning (Cat Paper)

ChatGPT 4 Test Performance

Critical Ignoring as a Core Competence for Digital Citizens. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 32(1), 81-88.

How AI Chatbots Work – The Guardian visual explainer

The Great AI Awaking – NY Times article on Google Translate – 2016